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She’s come undone

His eyes feasted on the full, round tits, barley concealed with skimpy strips of matierial. His lust-filled eyes travled downwards, watching the curved, heart-shaped asses wriggle and bounce. His eyes kept comming back to one in particular. Her dirty blonde hair was loosely tied in a braid. A glittery suit sparkled and shone, catching the lights that flashed in time to the screaming music. She kissed her finger tips, squeezing her nipples, crossing her legs around the pole, pressing her pussy against it. He watched her with detatched amusement, then got up abruptly from the table. Paying the bartender, he melted into the shadows, watching from backstage.

Cheryl, the glittery strip dancer skipped offstage with a last good-bye kiss to the crowd. Her furious mood did not change when she bumped into her manager. "Hey, sweetie, wow you looked great out there!" he laughed, nipping her tush. She slapped him away 
"Fuck off Gerry. I'm not in the mood. " She slumped on the chair, kicking her feet up and taking a martini out of Gerry's hand. He pouted, then handed her an envelope and marched off, his nose in the air. She peeked inside the envelope. Five grand. It was all there. Cash, like she asked for. She grinned, her foul mood eveparotating. She slipped the envelope inside her costume, and began to undress. She folded the glittery nonsense neatly, and packed it into her overnight bag. She stepped in front of the mirror, admiring her naked, full breasts. 
"Very nice." said a cold, clear voice behind her. Cheryl whirled around, but he caught her by the arms and something stung her on the back of her thigh. She blinked, falling stupidly into the captors arms. For some strange reason, her mind was going oddly fuzzy, and dark. Before she opened her lips to cry out, she fell into a dark, dreamless sleep. 

She awoke swinging from something. Her toes barely touched a very cold floor. Her arms were tied firmly above her head, with some smooth, tight matierial. Her legs were spread apart, tied to some weights. her mouth was also gagged with duct tape. She got the imperssion of being very cold. She opened her eyes, wincing as her raging headache siezed her brain and throttled it. The fuzzyness slid away, revealing cold, dark concrete walls. Some handsome white face swam into focus. 

He was tall, and gym-sculpted muscles showed from his black t-shirt. He wore loose black sweatpants, and a black riding crop was in his hand. He was turned toward the far wall, looking over feriocious looking items off torture. He slapped the riding crop from hand to hand, toying with the handle. He turned to her, smiling. "Well, sleeping beauty awakes! How do you feel?" he asked, prowling around her like a lion stalking his prey. He knelt down, spreading her ass cheeks apart. She felt his tounge probing her ass. and she tried to shriek. He laughed, slapping her ass with the riding crop. "Now, none of that now. You better save it for later. " He came around the front again eyes feasting on her nipples. He went over to the wall again, and took two simple clothes pins and snapped them on her nipples. She screamed, writhing and wriggling. He caught her by the nipple and pulled it taut. He laughed, smacking her tits with the crop. He bent down to her pussy, and examined it. Licking gently around the edges, the petals of her sex bloomed, her clit poking out of its sheath. He caught it between thumb and forefinger. He took out a small suction cup, looking like a tiny plunger and put it on her pussy. He laughed at her obvious discomfert. He then took a small digital camera and started taking pictures from all angles. She pleaded with him, knotting her browns together, tears streaming from her eyes. He was unmoved. He removed the plunger and then took out and double ended dildo. It was rubbery, and bendale and he slid it into her pussy. He bent it and then forced it into her quivvering ass hole. He then flicked the vibration on and watched her scream and squirm, trying to get away from the pleasure, mixed with pain. He started slapping her cheeks with the riding crop, bringing the blows down hard, turning her ass a cherry red. He roared with lughter, and then watched her orgasim throes. Cum leaked out between the dildo, and the was pratcially humping the dildos. She slumped, shaking, and hung her head. He laughed, removing the dildos. He knelt down and started to lap again at he sex, soothing it. He then stood up and unzipped his pants. Bringing the riding crop an inch away from her clit, he said "If I take you gag off, will you not scream?" She gazed at him, and nodded. He ripped off the gag and lowered the ropes. She was on her knees now, and he took her by the blonde hair and stroked his hard-on. He nudged open her lips and thrust into her mouth. Her eyes bulged, but she took it all. He grunted, thrusting as hard as he could into her mouth, jerking again and again. He came, great waves of milky white seman flooding her lips, mouth and chin. He wished he hadn't come so soon, but he had been holding the hard-on for hours. He laughed, slapping her cheeks and hoisted her upright again. He forced a ball gag into her mouth, and left, with one backwards glance at her dancing tits.